Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mexi-Fun at the Farm

Okay so T-Rae's house really isn't on a farm HOWEVER she's shared that land with chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, cats and a couple pigs for good measure. So compared to my humble one dog and one cat, her home is a farm! Plus it's on a lot of land so there's that whole "massive amounts of yard work" which is another reason I like to call it a farm. I enjoy going over to T-Rae's house because we both enjoy so many of the same things and have the same sense of humor. Plus there's ALWAYS food and wine involved so really, it's a perfect little mini-getaway for me. T-Rae invited us over so we could cook up some mexican delights. It started as an invite to cook and she had a yearning to make some black bean soup so the other dishes (for the most part) were picked to compliment that. Of course I also intended to take pictures and end up with a couple of recipes to blog about. Not all of the recipes will make it however there are some really fun pics so I decided to share!

I threw the Pico de Gallo together while at home and shortly after Skywalker and I arrived, I got to making the White Cheese Mexican Dip. After it was done we called the kids over to try it out.

That's Ms Alycat on the left and Skywalker holding Baby Bruce. Skywalker LOVES babies so anytime one is near she wants to hold him or her. As you can see, it was hard for everyone's grubby little fingers to resist the cheesy deliciousness.

The black bean soup was a tricky little sucker. We're busy moms. Who has time to think "hey, I might need to adjust the liquids since I'm not starting with dry beans." Yeah, duh moment but being the true cooks we are, we doctored that up into a DELISH soup! As far as the end recipe? No clue. :)

When Alycat said "mmmm, I like cheese!" I figured she was adding some to her black bean soup. When I looked up, I realized she had the bowl of cheese smack dab in front of her as the main dish to her side of soup! Ah the power of cheese.

Did I mention we had Carnitas with fresh Pico de Gallo and diced avocado?? Oh my heavens. Those suckers were GOOD. And that fruity drink on the upper right was some homemade Sangria. The first sip made me cough which is that key sign you know it's good and STRONG! It was super tasty and it was full of fruit so that automatically makes it super healthy as well. Right?!

The recipe said it made 10 servings but it was actually 10 MASSIVE servings. T-Rae and I tried but I'm not sure we put a dent in it LOL!

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